Starhunter Redux poster

Starhunter: Redux

Starhunter: Redux is an updated, re-cut and re-scored 44 episodes of the hit cult classic sci fi series. It presents a creatively different edition of the series closer to the creators' original vision. It is also the precursor of the anticipated Starhunter Season III.

“Starhunter [is] still beloved...a cult following”

“Starhunter: [makes for] unsanitized television... perfect for premium cable networks!”
Chris Krejlgaard - Times and Transcript

“Pick of the Day!” Action, suspense, humour, and riveting special effects; ‘Wild Wild West’ meets ‘Star Wars.’”
Le Figaro

“A gem”.

“The Good, the Bad and the Fugitive. A cross between ‘Wild Wild West’, ‘Lost In Space’ and the edge of ‘Blade Runner.”
Expose Magazine