Starfield at EFM in Berlin

The Starfield Indie Gang will be at EFM in Berlin for the near entirety of the Market.  Those attending include CEO  G. Philip Jackson, Senior Executive Producer & Develoment Daniel D’or, Executive Producer for Europe. Lynda Cope.  While we are of course supporting the growing sales track record of the newly released Starhunter REDUX distributed by KEW Media Group, Starfield’s primary mission is the financing launch of the three mid budget sci-fi features CAPTAIN REGGIE,  RODAX and PRISON MOON IO.

We are also picking up further pre-sales on the Sci-Fi series FATman at Lightspeed.  We will also have some feature documentaries in post and screening elements .

For booking appointments, please reach out: Producer’s Assistant:

Conor Fitzgerald:
Dan D’or


Philip Jackson