Officers, Owner-Managers, Filmmakers and Contractees

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Mark Pickering: President

A graduate of Cambridge and Columbia Universities, Mark Pickering is a barrister and New York attorney. Mark has practiced in London and Paris in the international copyright and entertainment fields. Sometimes working out of Toronto (Canada), Mark is based in London, UK.

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G. Philip Jackson: President, Development and Production

Philip Jackson has a critically acclaimed and commercially successful track record spanning 3 decades in in the entertainment business. He has twenty-two feature films, 6 TV series (3 scripted drama) and countless documentaries to his credit producing, writing and/or directing.

Philip’s recent projects include writing the sci-fi/psychological horror film Captain Reggie, which he will be producing with the features Rodax and Prison Moon IO, a co-production with Circles & Lines GmbH (Munich). He is in post-production on the Sci-fi drama-documentary hybrid Meltdown on the Ice Planet, a feature with Michael Ironside and narrated by Tanya Allen.

Co-Creator/Producer of the Starhunter TV series, he also directed the first production episode (of 44 so far), setting the creative template for the series. The first two seasons are to be revived in an all HD widescreen version. Industry buyers have asked Starfield Indie to deliver a season 3 (22 new episodes) of the series along with comic books and a video-game.

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Richard Sniderman: Chief Financial Officer

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Dan D'or: Executive Producer (Starhunter)

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Lynda Cope: Principal

Lynda Cope is an independent producer of high quality features and top level consultant to European television. She is a graduate from Bristol University with a degree in European Literature.

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Demerise Lafleur: Business Affairs, Production & Development

Demerise Lafleur has managed and administered business affairs functions for independent production companies for two decades and is a producer on a dozen features.

Her specialization is the administration underlying financing, treaty authorities, and contractual compliance of integrated production and distribution. She primarily works with financing counsels on both sides of the Atlantic.

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James Mou: President, Production

Toronto/Hong-Kong based Producer James Mou is joining our team as a Producer, linking us to the growing and exporting production industry in China.

James has produced or co-produced and recently financed two Canada China pictures in the last two years and has produced or production managed some 38 pictures over the past 25 years.

As these Chinese or Canadian features and series were shot either in China or in North America, there is almost nobody as conversant with doing production business of financing in both territories and cultures as he.

James has just concluded the Chinese financing end of a Starfield Indie/CFA (China) sci-fi feature-series Delinquenauts for world-wide sales.

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Chris Jones-Hansen & Noel Garland: Digital Ops

Starfield is amidst a curve to learn and actively participate in reaching audiences and finding new ones in the ever-changing and opportunity-rich digital and interactive universes.

Chris Jones-Hansen and Noel Garland are Starfield Indie's transmedia veterans. They are the guys charged with leading this transformative digital vision and were part of the seminal creative teams behind many early web-media success stories - most notably the famous (and infamous) THE NAKED NEWS - before joining Starhunter 2300's creative writing team in 2003.

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Nelu Ghiran: Co-Executive Producer, Writer

Nelu Ghiran has developed features and dramatic TV series with Philip Jackson and Peter Horton over the last two decades. He is also an advisor on third party properties submitted to Starfield Indie.

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Peter Horton: Consulting Producer, Development/Writer

Peter Horton is a writer/producer with over a decade and a half of experience in TV and film.

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Henry Lam: Executive Consultant, Finance (Asia)

Henry Lam is based out of Hong Kong. His involvement in the finance sector began in 1995 when he joined Asia Securities Group. He cut his teeth under the personal mentorship of respected trader Peter Mou.

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Conor: Producers' Executive Assistant - Toronto

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Cheryl: Staff Accountant

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